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We are Beryl and Stacie, sisters and digital nutrition and lifestyle mentors who help brides look and feel their best for their wedding day and beyond! We have a passion for helping others through their health and wellness journey that started out as a necessity to save our own.

As sisters, we have a very special bond. However, that bond grew tighter during our young adult years as Beryl was a Division 1 athlete in college spiraling down a dangerous road of disordered eating and negative body image issues. Luckily, Beryl found guidance from her dietitian sister, Stacie, who helped her to find light in the darkness and overcome her deep-rooted issues with food, exercise, and self-love.

Fast forward years later, and we are both dietitians and brides-to-be!

Yeah, you read that right…we are both engaged and planning weddings at the same time. Although this may sound like a stressful time within a family (sorry mom and dad!), we have found planning weddings to be the one thing we are not competitive about and have grown closer as a team.

However, through our joy for the future and our connection with other brides, we can’t help but notice the constant stress surrounding body image and size. It is one of the most special times in a woman’s life, yet ourselves and other brides are too focused on the rollercoaster of fad diets and unsustainable weight loss. Here, Revitalized Health and Wellness Counseling was born.

We have blended our expertise in nutrition with our bond to the bridal industry to dedicate our business to helping brides like you combat negative diet culture and launch a health and wellness journey that will generate sustainable weight loss results and leave you feeling confident as you enter a new chapter in your life. 

So grab a cold glass of lemonade and hang around with us as we continue to give you a taste of health and wellness throughout this blog!

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