Through our online program, we provide a twist on traditional nutrition counseling by combining the individualization of one-on-one guidance with the belonging of a supportive community to help eliminate the stress of diet culture and empower you to become the bride you’ve always dreamed of being.

We believe in simplicity, empowerment, and that health- and self-love- should be as sweet and easy as lemonade…

As a perfectionist herself, Beryl endured her own struggles with disordered eating and obsessive exercising due to societal pressures and expectations. As a Division 1 student-athlete, Beryl dealt with constant judgment surrounding her body. Every bite of food she ate was analyzed, and she was made to feel like her entire self-worth was based on her body weight and dress size. 

Like so many other women, these feelings spiraled to create a dangerously toxic relationship with food and exercise. With the help of her Registered Dietitian sister Stacie, Beryl was able to eventually overcome her deep-rooted issues with food, exercise, and body image. She even went on to become a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer herself, making it her life goal to make sure no woman feels the same way she felt during her darkest time.

Our passion for helping others through their health and wellness journey started out as a necessity to save our own.

However, through their joy for the future and their connection with other brides, they couldn’t help but notice the constant stress surrounding body image and size. It was one of the most special times in a woman’s life, yet themselves and other brides were too focused on the rollercoaster of fad diets and unsustainable weight loss. Here, Revitalized Health and Wellness Counseling was born.

Beryl and Stacie blended their expertise in nutrition with their bond to the bridal industry to dedicate their business to helping brides combat negative diet culture and launch a health and wellness journey that will generate sustainable results and leave them feeling confident as they enter a new chapter in their life.  

Fast forward several years later, Beryl and Stacie are both engaged and excited brides-to-be! 

Revitalized Health and Wellness Counseling was created using five core ingredients to provide our clients with the support they need to be successful on their health and wellness journey. 

Our recipe

When working with us, you are never alone. We provide our clients with a lifelong community that supports sustainable health and wellness. By building a community, we allow our clients to ask each other questions, give each other advice, and provide each other with encouragement. We foster an environment that allows clients to lean on each other and experience their individual health journeys together.

Community is our Foundation

Empowering clients is not just an option, it’s our standard. We put our clients’ health needs first. We give them a voice during their health and wellness journey to discuss what they have struggled with in the past and provide them with tools to overcome their struggles in a positive way. 

Empowerment is the Standard 

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You’re unique and so are we. In a society full of fad diets and extreme exercise regimens, we are different. By using a research-based approach and having a personal understanding of our clientele, we have crafted a new and innovative program that promotes long-term, realistic results for all of our diverse clients. 

Unique Just Like You

You change, we adapt. We understand the importance of our program adapting to our clients’ different lifestyles. By formulating a program that is both simplistic and educational, we are able to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to stay on the right path towards health and wellness. No matter what life throws at you, we embrace how special you are. 

Adaptability is a Promise

Trust us, we can relate. Through transparency and an open line of communication, we ensure our clients that we feel the way they feel in every step of their health and wellness journey. We share our experiences and own personal struggles in order to relate to our clients and guide them towards success. 

Real Relatability

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