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We are sisters and digital nutrition and lifestyle mentors with a recipe for helping you reach your nutrition and wellness goals to become the empowered bride you’ve always dreamed of being. 

With a unique blend of individualized guidance and a supportive community, we provide innovative nutrition counseling with a zesty splash of

Beryl & Stacie

Meet your refreshing wellness innovators

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"I felt like they understand my concerns, lifestyle, and needs!"

I realized that my eating habits weren't healthy and that they were affecting my energy and productivity, I often felt tired and always felt hungry. I also suffer from migraines and was looking for diet changes I could make to reduce inflammation and help my migraines. 

I had a great experience working them! I felt very comfortable and appreciated their emphasis on making healthy choices instead of focusing so much on numbers. I love how straightforward the meal plan is making planning my meals much more simple. 

I love that this is a sustainable plan that I know I can continue to use!

Christina C

Providing an innovative and comprehensive health and wellness program that empowers brides with sustainable weight loss results 

Creating a community that eliminates diet culture and focuses on all aspects of your health and wellness journey 

Inspiring confidence that gives you the freedom to be your authentic self

Our Fresh Squeeze program provides a unique twist to traditional nutrition counseling by:

Turn your pre-wedding 
lemons into lemonade!

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Whether you’ve tried diets before or you’re looking for a place to start, this free 3-day video series will teach you how to escape fad diets and begin your journey to sustainable weight loss results. Don’t wait to look your best! These lessons will provide insights into the pitfalls of diet culture and help debunk common diet misconceptions hindering your success. 

Want to look and feel your best for your wedding but confused by diet culture?

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Maria P

"Because of Revitalized Health and Wellness Counseling, I now have a lot more clarity with respect to meal components and feel adequately equipped to meal plan in a way that will help me achieve my goals."

Find your next must-try recipe, tips and tricks to start your health journey, and our own real bride-to-be insight!

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