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Tips & Tricks for Healthier Cocktails

Enjoy your favorite drinks while still reaching your weight loss goals!

We all love a good cocktail, but why does it feel like alcohol is always associated with weight gain? Is there any way to make drinking alcohol healthier?

From bridal showers to bachelorette parties, you are sure to be having your fair share of cocktail fun. As much as we love the fun of drinking cocktails, they may actually be hindering your weight loss results. But no need to worry…

We have some tips and tricks for making your cocktails and drinking habits healthier so you can stay on track on your health and wellness journey!

First off, where do all the calories come from in our favorite cocktails and mixed drinks? Excess calories come from a combination of alcohol and the ingredients alcohol is mixed with. Alcohol itself has 7 calories per gram- that’s more calories per gram than both carbs and protein! With that being said, most calories in cocktails don’t actually come from the alcohol, they come from other ingredients that give the drink it’s appealing taste. Mixing alcohol with sodas and energy drinks, adding syrups and sweeteners, using premade mix, and adding cream and milk are all ways that common cocktails become loaded with calories. So how do we combat excess calories without cutting out cocktails completely?

You can still enjoy your cocktails without consuming extra calories.

The key is to utilize more nutritious mixers that are lower in overall calories. You can’t necessarily change the amount of calories in a serving of alcohol, but you can change the amount of calories in the ingredients you use to mix it with. You can also attempt to adjust your mindset and drinking habits to find enjoyment in drinking alcohol in moderation and paying closer attention to serving sizes.

Follow these tips below to create healthy cocktails and enhance your drinking habits!

  • Use club soda, kombucha, or regular water as a mixer.
  • Replace sugar and syrups commonly found in mixed drinks with whole fruit or fruit juice. It’ll add sweetness along with essential vitamins and minerals!
  • Use fruit, herbs, and spices to add flavor (and health benefits!) to cocktails.
  • Be mindful of sweetener alternatives like honey or agave. Try to avoid adding these sweeteners to your drinks or only use a small amount if needed.
  • Savor your drink slowly. Don’t chug it down all at once!
  • Use smaller amounts of alcohol when you make drinks yourself (a little can still go a long way!).
  • Try the “every other drink” rule. Whether you’re at a social gathering or drinking at home, try to drink a glass of water or sparkling water between each cocktail. Start by drinking water before your first cocktail. Then drink water in between each subsequent cocktail. This will help to keep you hydrated and decrease your overall alcohol intake!

You are now on your way to enjoying cocktails while still reaching your weight loss goals!

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